Evansville, Illinois - Forms and Information



Fee (if applicable)

Zoning Form

Bring application to the Village Hall.


Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance regarding property inspections.


Inspection Form

Complete application and the inspector will contact you to set up a inspection.


Evansville Property Maintenance Guide

A list of what is looked for upon the inspection.


Welcome Packet

New Customer Water Deposit Form

Must have copy of drivers license with you when turning in the application. $150 water deposit
(Payable online from home page)

Golf Cart Inspection Form

Application for Use of Golf Cart and ATVs

 a copy of the drivers license and a copy of the current insurance must be given with application $35

25-5-3   RESTRICTIONS ON BURNING OF LANDSCAPE WASTE.  The open burning of landscape waste shall be permitted only on the following conditions:
A.     Landscape waste shall be burned on the premises on which such waste is generated; and
B.      Landscape waste shall be burned only when atmospheric conditions shall readily dissipate contaminants; and
C.     Landscape waste may be burned only if such burning does not create a visibility hazard on roadways, walkways, or railroad tracks; and,
D.     Open burning of landscape waste may only take place during specified hours as defined in (G) with a person over eighteen (18) years of age in attendance during the entire period of burning.
E.      No open burning of landscape waste shall be permitted on Village streets.
F.      No open burning may occur during periods of time when determined by the Chief of Fire Department or the Chief of Police Department that atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fire hazardous.
G.     Date and times of permitted open burning.  Open burning will be permitted any day of the week with the exception of Sundays and any holiday weekend. A holiday weekend is defined as Saturday, Sunday and Monday, if holiday falls on said Monday. No open burning shall be started or permitted to burn after sunset or before sunrise of any day.

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